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How SaaS is enabling Retailers and Shopping Centres to expand their businesses globally.

December 15, 2022 |by ImagesMultimedia | 0 Comments | Blog

As the retail sector explores developments to offer unified buying experiences to customers, it should be thankful for the developing internet technologies that are bringing a revolution in retail.

Software as a service (SaaS) is proving to be an impressive source of revenue growth for Retail entrepreneurs. A model that is licensed to work on a subscription basis in the business environment. Hosted centrally, so that you no longer have to buy or install them on your own devices—SaaS solutions can be accessed from anywhere to increase your revenue, and reduce your time to market while improving your customer reach. The remote cloud network works like a rental, where only the organization has the authorization to use it for an amount of time while paying the fees for the software that you are using. But then….

Every day for every stage of your retail business life, you need new innovations: to find customers, sustain customers, then deal with growing customers, keep inventory manageable, and data protected, while the list keeps growing.

So, how is SaaS inspiring growth and expansion? Let’s dive deep.

By helping you cut costs – even while growing

Every entrepreneur wants to get their money’s worth. SaaS solutions are not any expensive IT system that takes up your time and money. Rather they are systematic subscription-based solutions, that offer different packages for different needs. A system where you only pay for features you need.

In addition, there’s no huge initial investment to install the software with no need to re-train your IT department on how to use it. SaaS solutions inherit low upfront costs and allow retailers to grow their businesses with ease.   

By keeping you focused

When you install a system that is organized in itself, you will probably be saving your employees time while providing them more time to focus on actual work issues, instead of maintaining and organizing systems.

Then, it has an incredibly accessible dashboard that can be easily understood even by non-tech-savvy employees. You don’t need a team with extra talents to run or access them.

By allowing you to be flexible and respond to trends quickly

In the retail business, you cannot afford to miss a feature or a trend. With SaaS software solutions, you can respond faster than ever. Just a sufficient connection to the internet can let you and your team access SaaS applications whenever and wherever they are.

By decreasing downtime during updates

With SaaS applications or software, the provider upgrades the solution and it becomes accessible to their customers. The costs and efforts associated with the latest features and upgrades are lower than the traditional model which usually compels you to upgrade to the latest version.

With increased collaboration and security

SaaS applications enhance an enterprise’s ability to promote communication or collaboration across teams and departments with the comfort of data sharing and distinct ease of access to files across systems.

Subsequently, SaaS models are proven to keep you and your millions of customers’ data safely and securely. Just make sure that you choose the SaaS solutions after looking at their certifications.

Empowering your workers to be more productive

SaaS applications are designed to lighten your workload while keeping everything in a place where you find them just at the time when needed.

While keeping you away from little tasks that take up a lot of time. SaaS automates the piece of work or tasks so that your employees can put their brain power into creative and complex tasks and strategies.

So, retail businesses and shopping centers, choose your SaaS solutions after prioritizing what systems, tasks, and steps take most of your and your employee’s time. Choose a SaaS application after giving a thought to your future plans, that is if the application’s features align with your future business goals.

Are you ready to choose SaaS now?

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Essential Services Required For Better Management of Retail Shopping Centers: Part 2

November 23, 2022 |by ImagesMultimedia | 0 Comments | Blog

If one has to map out the compelling reasons, to evident the fact of the growing and evolving success of shopping centers. They can say that the most important aspect to ensure malls are well-oiled, is the efficiency of retail shopping centers’ management.

Specialists speak, good mall management plays a significant role in enhancing overall footfall and sales effectiveness. But what includes under mall management?

Read on the 7 effective services decisive to the retail shopping centers’ success.

Design and Architecture

The design and architecture of every shopping center conclude the backbone of retail’s assembly and structure. Facilities involving location, access, parking, food courts, building refurbishment, design direction, concept design, 3D visualization, building control approval, profile drawings, fixture design, construction drawings, executive architecture, and retail fit-outs take special sensibility in retail outlets.

On the other hand, retail chain outlets are always going to own familiar features to get recognized easily. So balancing brand characteristics with brand guidelines, brand familiarisation, brief development, feasibility study, estate strategy, lighting, and interior, and exterior aesthetics is an important aspect for retail shopping centers as it also contributes to a successful shopping experience. Ultimately keeping people engaged for a longer period while encouraging sales and business.

IT Ecosystem & Digital Transformation

Human beings are social animals and want to touch, see, and feel the brands while on the other hand would also prefer to have a seamless, frictionless, collect-and-click experience. Retail shopping centers need to establish an online-offline integration to match the progressive growth of retail e-commerce. Adopting digital models to develop personalized and lasting relationships with actionable data at hand like CRM, marketing automation, loyalty programs, and POS terminals can help your sales and business enhance.

Digital ecosystem that can help your retail outlet handle metrics on customer behavior, inventory, operations, and finance from standpoints you require. While real-time monitoring of security information, identity and access management, and penetration testing can help you identify your system vulnerabilities by means of preventive hacks. Grow with advancements in automation and adopt the benefits of speed with IT and the Digital ecosystem.

Leasing and Space Selling

Managing, leasing, or space selling in retail centers isn’t the same as regular real estate. Leasing and space selling in the mall industry requires the right leasing and property management specialists who understand the key factors of property type, demographics, and business planning in retail, and the ones who can develop strategic property planning along with advice on improving retail property performance.

Retail, Distribution & Management Software

Mall management incorporates the overall operation and maintenance of the entire infrastructure. An efficient retail, distribution, or management software can help malls with Point of Sales Systems, CRM Solutions, Finance Operations Software, ERP Solutions, Loyalty Program Management, Footfall Tracking and Sales Solutions, Procurement Solutions, Stock Keeping and Management, Software & Hardware for Retail Business, Daily Sales Report and Compilation, Customer Experience, Vision Analysis, IoT, and a smooth post-sales circle. So, a little touch of technology and software can automate the regular business taking your business to a smooth point of sale while keeping records on fast track.

Regulatory Compliances

Regulatory compliance is an indispensable aspect for businesses where data security, cybersecurity, and consumer privacy are crucial for long-term viability and compliance or consent. Compliance with rules and regulations can minimize and protect the company’s assets and reputation and exposure to penalties and fines while increasing the stakeholder’s trust.

Training and Development

The sales staff of shopping centers are the important stimulant that leads customers’ purchase decisions. Thus, providing communication training, soft skills, product knowledge training, retail training focusing on customer serving, retail sales training, scenario-based retail training, and safety training, can improvise sales by motivating customers to return to the same store for their next purchase. A trained and developed retail staff can help increase sales and customer satisfaction. The high and constantly evolving retail sector requires employees and staff that acknowledges customers with importance while helping them gain access to information about product and services with ease.

Warehousing and Supply Chain

The main purpose of supply chain management is to optimize and maximize. That is, optimize the business sales and maximize the quality and speed of delivery. Proficient warehousing, supply chain management, private label product management, trade promotion management, enterprise mobile apps, and E-collaboration helping remote collaboration possible between buyers and vendors facilitates the sellers to lessen their inventory carrying cost. While helping stores conserve operational and transportation costs in the retailing market.

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Essential Services Required For Better Management of Retail Shopping Centers

November 1, 2022 |by ImagesMultimedia | 0 Comments | Blog

The success of retail shopping centers lies in learning the formula = Inventory + Space + Execution. But note that retail success aligns parallels with the number of visitors and shoppers visiting the mall every week to make a purchase. So, what encompasses a mall’s inclined growth?

Re.Connect has chalked out the strategies to address the imperatives proficient to mall management. Comprehending the significance of different elements such as facility management, operations management, customer services, and infrastructural facilities, that are decisive for the retail centers’ success.

Number 1:

Asset and Property Management –

During the development and renovation process, the owners of the retail centers appoint letting and managing agents. Property and facilities management involves operations with complete physical aspects involving critical business functions like Leasing, Management, Performance Analysis, Fit-out, and more.

Number 2:

Safety and Security –

Safety and security are the main concerns for shopping centers, including both retail tenants and consumers. Investing in good security systems with CCTV cameras alerting alarms, safeguard doors, and advanced lock systems leads to secure and comfortable shopping. Apart from tangible security, shopping centers should also maintain an access control system that prevents mall retail outlets from cyber hacks and attacks.

Number 3:

Managing Sustainability with Mechanical & Electrical Equipments –

Energy use and installation are becoming a major concern for young and future consumers. Environmental criteria like effective air-handling systems, air purification, sustainable energy/electricity generation, electrical vehicle parking, EV charging points, and a sustainable and healthy environment of retail shopping centers are preferred.

Number 4:

Financial Accounting and Management –

Retail shopping centers require fast financial management. Customers might spend long time selecting the product they want, but they detest waiting for long billing process. That is why a successful retail shopping center requires efficient management of inventory, purchases, purchase returns, schemes and promotions, and sale returns for effective calculation of funds. Along with effective POS that is, a Point-Of-Sale system for fast transactions with no long billing lines.

Number 5:

Human Resource Services –

Retail shopping centers can grow with rapid speed when retail outlets employees treat their consumers with the utmost respect while helping them in the little steps of finding and purchasing. Selecting an effective HR consultancy is important. Secondly, other employee services like payroll processing, employee time cards, attendance tracking and more are essential for retail outlets’ growth and image.

Number 6:

Customer Relationship Management –

The goal of every retail shopping center is to nurture its consumer so that they retain and return. Retail outlets with their effective customer relationship management softwares and programs can influence and entice their former consumers to come back and shop more. Successful CRM Loyalty Management programs, Promotion, and Campaign management can change the way customers stay loyal to their retail outlets and shopping centers.

Shopping centers are unique as they require rapid evolvements and adoptions to fulfill the needs of their updated and fast consumers.

When the retail industry works hard to meet the purchase requirements of consumers, it’s time we assist the Retail Industry to find services with ease and zero hassle.

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Reconnect: Enabling Growth for Service Providers

October 27, 2022 |by ImagesMultimedia | 0 Comments | Blog

The fast-paced nature of today’s business landscape asks businesses to start thinking beyond and moving towards adopting a proactive approach.

When different sectors are subscribing ways to find their business, why is retail still enduring the old-age pattern of approaching clients and partners?

It’s time for retail to keep up with the trends.

Whether you are a small business or a global juggernaut, if you are still struggling to get your hands in the retail and real estate industry, it’s time to Re.Connect.

Re.Connect is a privileged platform to have brought all accomplished groups of brands together in a way that makes a compelling value proposition to its members for finding business. This retail solutions marketplace assists retail and real estate industry professionals to find a wide array of solutions. At the same time, bridging the gap between service providers and the retail and real estate industry by bringing them on one platform.

But why Enroll on Re.Connect?

Our Digital Medium enables ease of business development by Listing Your Business in relevant categories that will allow you to Receive Business Queries from India’s leading Retail & Real Estate Businesses.

Second by providing access to a Robust, Agile, and Responsive Seller (Service Provider) Interface, to help you manage your business efficiently.

Enabling Ease Of Transaction by cutting down the long sales cycle and making it extremely easy for you to get new business and meet new clients.

We call Re.Connect a medium that is determined to grow your business while prioritizing your productivity.

Here’s the list of potential advantages your business can gain by joining the retail solutions marketplace, Re.Connect:

More Sales

Re.Connect assists you Generate Guaranteed Leads and Connections from potential buyers with elevated, interactive, & personalized service. By listing your products and services on Re.Connect your brand automatically gains credibility and trust.

More Expansion

Re.Connect enables Your business’ Geographical Reach widespread across India with its marketing solutions. As it ensures Direct Mailer Campaigns for its members to a database of 200,000+ relevant contacts with customization in location, line of operations, and job function.

Low Marketing Costs

Re.Connect lets you Leverage Growth With Custom Online Campaigns & messaging across social media + SEO to ensure every search requesting similar products/services leads to specific categories on Re.Connect.

While our Exposure/Networking Events for members with India’s Leading Retail and Real Estate Industry Professionals — Phygital Retail Convention, Shopping Centres Next, India Food Forum, and India Fashion Forum lets you make more connections and partners via physical meetings.

Personal Growth

Your business’ growth lies in your growth. Re.Connect organizes and arranges Virtual Conferences & Webinars each quarter to raise brand awareness and promote new products and services for its registered members for their business and personal growth in the industry.

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Re.Connect: Reinventing Retail Solutions Procurement

September 21, 2022 |by ImagesMultimedia | 0 Comments | Blog

Our country today has all digital solutions, from buying groceries online to finding homes, from enjoying exotic vacations and to availing 24/7 around the year consumer services. So why is India’s retail segment still enduring the long sales cycles, presentations, endless emails, contracts, and meeting requests, just to find, buy, and manage the retail and real estate solutions?

We realized, that with retailing owning a wide scope in the economy and becoming one of the fastest growing markets in India, the industry is being under-served by traditional retail solutions.

So, in 2022, we decided to Revolutionize India’s retail process and make it undergo a digital transformation with Re.Connect! A retail & real estate solutions marketplace and a One-Stop-Shop for buying and managing retail solutions.

But what is a retail solutions marketplace? In our definition, a retail solutions marketplace or Retail Connect is a quick platform that assists retail and real estate industry professionals to find a wide array of solutions — each designed to be shopped, purchased, and managed with a few clicks, in a few minutes. Even more important, agents with required solutions will be exclusively available here (Re.Connect) for brands to find trusted service providers across different solutions like auditing, merchandising, digital security solutions, and many more.

A platform that covers multiple retail consumption patterns with an ecosystem that helps you end the long sales cycles, presentations, and contracts. In short, we say Re.Connect is here to change the way companies buy and manage their retail and real estate solutions.

With a large number of retailers, real estate companies, and shopping malls looking for over 1000+ solutions for their businesses, Re.Connect acts as an online medium where service finders can meet solution providers on one platform with just a click.

Hence Re.Connect is designed to get results with a lot of focus on bringing business to retail solutions. Our digital interface enables service providers to be visible, discoverable, and contactable by key decision makers and meet potential clients, as we streamline the chain of sales that saves time and effort.

Our team ensures the registration of verified vendors while maintaining a platform with high agility and quick deployment to help solution providers meet fast-growing businesses.

We aim to bring a group of brands together in a way that makes a compelling value proposition for both service finders and solution providers. Re.Connect aims to help retail and real estate brands with frictionless meetings and stay in a better business.

Re.Connect: Your solution for retail success.

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