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About Us

The Retail Solutions Ecosystem

With the fast pace of evolution in modern retail and retail real estate in India over the past decade, demand for services and solutions catering to these large sectors has also multiplied exponentially. However, the ecosystem remains largely fragmented, with solutions companies finding the process of identifying, connecting and interacting with decision makers extremely cumbersome, if not near-impossible.



The ReConnect platform is India’s first-ever digital aggregation of the Retail Solutions ecosystem enabling vendors and suppliers from a cross section of verticals — Audit and Regulatory Compliance, Customer Care, Accounting, Safety and Security, Digital Transformation, HR practices and much more — to showcase their brands, products and solutions to pan-India retail and retail real estate companies.

Our Mission

The ReConnect digital interface enables networking and business development for the retail and shopping centre supplier ecosystem in unprecedented ways with 3 essential features —  Agility, Simplicity and Responsiveness. ReConnect makes it exceptionally easy for vendors to be visiblediscoverable and contactable by potential customers through extremely interactive platform features. Our purpose is to develop a robust, fast, responsive brand building and business development digital interface for every retail solution organisation in India.


Community of Ecopreneurs

The issues we face on the planet cannot be solved in individual silos. Our team invites you to join The Ubuntoo community, a global network of 35,000 professionals dedicated to sustainable solutions.




Educational Institutions



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