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Re.Connect: Reinventing Retail Solutions Procurement

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Re.Connect: Reinventing Retail Solutions Procurement

September 21, 2022 | ImagesMultimedia | Blog

Our country today has all digital solutions, from buying groceries online to finding homes, from enjoying exotic vacations and to availing 24/7 around the year consumer services. So why is India’s retail segment still enduring the long sales cycles, presentations, endless emails, contracts, and meeting requests, just to find, buy, and manage the retail and real estate solutions?

We realized, that with retailing owning a wide scope in the economy and becoming one of the fastest growing markets in India, the industry is being under-served by traditional retail solutions.

So, in 2022, we decided to Revolutionize India’s retail process and make it undergo a digital transformation with Re.Connect! A retail & real estate solutions marketplace and a One-Stop-Shop for buying and managing retail solutions.

But what is a retail solutions marketplace? In our definition, a retail solutions marketplace or Retail Connect is a quick platform that assists retail and real estate industry professionals to find a wide array of solutions — each designed to be shopped, purchased, and managed with a few clicks, in a few minutes. Even more important, agents with required solutions will be exclusively available here (Re.Connect) for brands to find trusted service providers across different solutions like auditing, merchandising, digital security solutions, and many more.

A platform that covers multiple retail consumption patterns with an ecosystem that helps you end the long sales cycles, presentations, and contracts. In short, we say Re.Connect is here to change the way companies buy and manage their retail and real estate solutions.

With a large number of retailers, real estate companies, and shopping malls looking for over 1000+ solutions for their businesses, Re.Connect acts as an online medium where service finders can meet solution providers on one platform with just a click.

Hence Re.Connect is designed to get results with a lot of focus on bringing business to retail solutions. Our digital interface enables service providers to be visible, discoverable, and contactable by key decision makers and meet potential clients, as we streamline the chain of sales that saves time and effort.

Our team ensures the registration of verified vendors while maintaining a platform with high agility and quick deployment to help solution providers meet fast-growing businesses.

We aim to bring a group of brands together in a way that makes a compelling value proposition for both service finders and solution providers. Re.Connect aims to help retail and real estate brands with frictionless meetings and stay in a better business.

Re.Connect: Your solution for retail success.

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