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Decoding SAAS for Retail & Shopping Malls

Professional Development Program



Get a glimpse of our first Professional Skill Development Program on SaaS and why SaaS is must have for Retail & Shopping Centres.


The new-age retailers need next-gen solutions that inspire optimum performance with developments across touch points.


The deployment of Software as a service enables a flexible structure for retailers assisting them in managing complex supplier networks, consumer expectations, and other varying requirements. While unifying retail experience where day-to-day operations have the capability to talk to each other for seamless order fulfilment and delivery without any break in experience.


So, who should use Saas-based solutions?


Well, chances are, you are already using it while sending emails and making conference calls.

Participating Brands


Key Takeaways

What is SaaS and Basics of SaaS?

SaaS is already part of everyone’s life without us knowing about the same. Learn more about the SaaS and its history

How SaaS can be used better?

Using SaaS can help Retailers and Shopping Centres in streamlining the data and better management of operations with SaaS based tools.

Why SaaS is a must have?

Understand why SaaS based solutions should be preferred over on-prem deployments in Retail stores & Shopping Centers.

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