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Reconnect: Enabling Growth for Service Providers

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Reconnect: Enabling Growth for Service Providers

October 27, 2022 | ImagesMultimedia | Blog

The fast-paced nature of today’s business landscape asks businesses to start thinking beyond and moving towards adopting a proactive approach.

When different sectors are subscribing ways to find their business, why is retail still enduring the old-age pattern of approaching clients and partners?

It’s time for retail to keep up with the trends.

Whether you are a small business or a global juggernaut, if you are still struggling to get your hands in the retail and real estate industry, it’s time to Re.Connect.

Re.Connect is a privileged platform to have brought all accomplished groups of brands together in a way that makes a compelling value proposition to its members for finding business. This retail solutions marketplace assists retail and real estate industry professionals to find a wide array of solutions. At the same time, bridging the gap between service providers and the retail and real estate industry by bringing them on one platform.

But why Enroll on Re.Connect?

Our Digital Medium enables ease of business development by Listing Your Business in relevant categories that will allow you to Receive Business Queries from India’s leading Retail & Real Estate Businesses.

Second by providing access to a Robust, Agile, and Responsive Seller (Service Provider) Interface, to help you manage your business efficiently.

Enabling Ease Of Transaction by cutting down the long sales cycle and making it extremely easy for you to get new business and meet new clients.

We call Re.Connect a medium that is determined to grow your business while prioritizing your productivity.

Here’s the list of potential advantages your business can gain by joining the retail solutions marketplace, Re.Connect:

More Sales

Re.Connect assists you Generate Guaranteed Leads and Connections from potential buyers with elevated, interactive, & personalized service. By listing your products and services on Re.Connect your brand automatically gains credibility and trust.

More Expansion

Re.Connect enables Your business’ Geographical Reach widespread across India with its marketing solutions. As it ensures Direct Mailer Campaigns for its members to a database of 200,000+ relevant contacts with customization in location, line of operations, and job function.

Low Marketing Costs

Re.Connect lets you Leverage Growth With Custom Online Campaigns & messaging across social media + SEO to ensure every search requesting similar products/services leads to specific categories on Re.Connect.

While our Exposure/Networking Events for members with India’s Leading Retail and Real Estate Industry Professionals — Phygital Retail Convention, Shopping Centres Next, India Food Forum, and India Fashion Forum lets you make more connections and partners via physical meetings.

Personal Growth

Your business’ growth lies in your growth. Re.Connect organizes and arranges Virtual Conferences & Webinars each quarter to raise brand awareness and promote new products and services for its registered members for their business and personal growth in the industry.

Become a member today!

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