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Pathfinder Global FZCO

Pathfinder Global
Ekta Sharma

Ekta Sharma


Pathfinder is an undisputed market leader over a decade in Retail Intelligence, integrated with over 1000+ brands, 100+ shopping centres, 25+ airports across India, UAE & KSA. The company is poised for significant growth with the introduction of its latest innovation, RetailGPT, set to revolutionize the industry.

1. RetailGPT: Just Prompt!
Experience the new era of Phygital Shopping by harnessing the Power of AI
Introducing RetailGPT, the first of its kind Gen AI lifestyle shopping platform, designed to bridge the gap between physical and digital retail spaces. It offers an immersive and intuitive experience for both shoppers and retailers, providing a wealth of insights and opportunities. For retailers, RetailGPT is a game-changer
with its data-driven insights and the ability to make informed decisions.
A Unified Platform for Personalized Shopping with just a prompt.
  • Learning and adapting to shoppers habits
  • Tailoring deals and product suggestions
  • Anticipating and fulfilling evolving shopper’s desires
  • Instant offers and rewards

Know Your Customers!

Data at Your Command: Make Informed Decisions
  • Understand customer preferences deeply
  • Optimize inventory and marketing strategies
  • Boost profitability through insights
  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction
2. Revenue Assurance: POS Patrol
Boost revenue and streamline operations with our Revenue Assurance solution. Designed for our core segments: airports, shopping centres, governments and Franchise brands, our system ensures accurate and timely reporting of sales data, empowering informed decision-making.
Kea Features:
  • Real-time Reporting
  • On Time Billing
  • Performance Insights
  • Software Integration
  • POS Agnostic
  • Data Oversight
  • Transparent Revenue Growth
Our Sales Data Capture solution seamlessly integrates with any existing POS software, providing flexibility for tenants to use their preferred applications. This integration ensures smooth data flow and accurate reporting, enhancing efficiency and transparency in operations.
3. Property Management Software: Proleaz
Streamline your rental revenues with our property management solution tailored for various industries. Our solution includes automated billing, integration for turnover rents, centralized tenant information, and real-time reporting, enhancing operational efficiency across franchises, airports, shopping centres, and governments.
Benefits & Features:
  • Automated Billing
  • Centralised Tenant Management
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Shopping Centres: Streamline tenant management and billing for diverse retail spaces.
  • Airports: Simplify lease administration for retail spaces
  • Brands/Retailers: Efficiently manage lease agreements and billing processes across multiple locations.
  • Governments: Improve oversight of lease agreements and revenue collection for public properties

Company Name

Pathfinder Global

Head Office

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Year Founded


Organization Type

Private Limited

Line of Business

Real-time Concessionaire / Retailer Sales Reporting, Contract / Lease Management Solutions, Customer Engagement Platform, PAX / People Counting & Analytics, Shopping Centre & Airport Business Intelligence, and Cashless Food Service Solutions


IT Services and IT Consulting

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